February 17, 2016


Warm, woolly, chocolaty and hearts! Safety and Style first


We here at Tíra Radiant and Reflective Accessories hope everyone had a wonderful and safe Valentines Day! Here in Iceland on the 22nd, we will be celebrating the traditional 'Kónudagur' or 'Women's Day'.  You may have noticed we made our first promotion (phew!) a thank you to everyone who supported us, who shopped on our website, and even those who stopped by! As a show of this appreciation we invite you to use (or even share with friends) our discount code TIRALUVSU You will receive 15% off of your order of $18.00 or more until the end of February!  We'll even make sure to make your purchase extra loving by including a heart reflector. Packaged specially with a few Tíra Chocolates for that someone special you would like to surprise! (or you can keep it for yourself, we won't tell!) It is our thank you to you, everyone who has bought Tíra for themselves or gifted to someone they love to keep them stylish during the day, and safe at night! Enjoy!

TÍRA a glimmer of light!


In the dark Icelandic winter of 2008, as I was driving, I nearly hit someone. From that moment, I decided I would do everything I could to create accessories that would not only be beautiful, but keep people safe. Something I would wear. Something I'd want to see on my family and others. It took a bit of time, alot of tests, but eventually, TÍRA Radiant And Reflective Accessories was born! Luckily I was fortunate to have a family that not only were ready to support my idea, but to do everything to make this idea come to fruition.
Here we are celebrating Tíra's 7 years of combining style and safety to create reflective accessories; and what better way to celebrate than sharing our brand new online store from our family to yours and to the world. It's been quite the journey (involving a lot of good will, work & wool). We're excited to offer you an online store where you can browse and shop to your heart's content. Step by step we seem to be reaching our goal of making being safe, as easy, and of course, as stylish as possible. TÍRA, in Icelandic, it means a glimmer of light. Welcome!

Team Tíra